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The AMSRS Research Company Directory is the market and social research profession's premier reference directory and a powerful free reference source for professionals who purchase market and social research services.

The Directory provides comprehensive descriptions of market and social research services and facilities owned and operated by market and social research companies and suppliers of market and social research related activities.

Search Research Companies The Research Companies section contains organisations providing a range of research services and employing AMSRS members. The listings include full service research companies, panel companies, operations and data collection specialists, and qualitative recruiters.

Search Independent Researchers The Independent Research Consultants section comprises experienced researchers, who operate independently, and who are AMSRS members.

Search Group Rooms The Group Rooms section is dedicated to companies that have focus group rooms.

Search Other Research Industry Services The Other Research Industry Services section includes businesses related to or who have an interest in the market and social research industry, including software providers, recruitment, education, financial services and other industries.

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