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About QPR

QPR: The professional benchmark

Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) shows that you are a professional market and social researcher recognised by your peers for your extensive experience and formal qualifications. It also means that you have made a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain your competitive advantage.

QPR: Recognition for experienced researchers

  • defines the core knowledge and experience required by professionals who conduct or manage market research
  • provides recognition of both formal education and successful application of your market and/or social research knowledge and skills in a business environment
  • demonstrates that you are a professional market and/or social researcher - recognised by your peers for your experience and qualifications
  • provides greater assurance to research buyers and users that their research advisor has the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to provide comprehensive quality advice on any aspect of market and social research that will lead to real solutions.

Becoming a QPR

  • QPR is only available to full members of the AMSRS or RANZ who are market and social researchers with three (3) years industry experience, with at least two (2) years of those practising in Australia or New Zealand (for New Zealand applicants), and a university degree (10 years industry experience is required if a member does not hold a degree).
  • Members are required to successfully pass the QPR assessment in order to attain accreditation.
  • QPR accreditation is renewed annually and requires members to submit a professional development diary outlining their processional development activities over the previous 12 months.
  • QPR members must attend one AMSRS webinar or seminar on ethics and/or industry standards and/or legislative regulations per year, in order to maintain QPR accreditation.

QPR Process

  • The first step is to become an AMSRS or RANZ Full member.
  • Once membership is approved, and the QPR criteria as above are met, you are required to complete and submit a QPR application and a self assessment form and an accompanying resume. If you are eligible for a QPR assessment exemption (click here for exemption information) you are still required to complete and submit these documents.
  • Once your application has been approved you then take the QPR assessment which is a practical research assignment (it is different from the self-assessment form).
  • On successfully passing the QPR assessment you gain QPR accreditation.
  • Once a QPR accredited member you are required to submit a yearly report on your professional development activities and pay a small renewal fee.

For further information about QPR please contact the QPR Manager on + 61 (0) 2 9566 3100 or at