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Annual Renewal & Maintaining QPR

Maintaining QPR Status

Continually developing your professional skills through relevant education and/or active participation in our industry ensures that you maintain your competitive edge, and reassures clients and colleagues that you are up to date with advances, contemporary developments and regulatory changes that affect the market and social research industry.

A QPR accredited member is required to undertake regular professional development activities over a 12 month period and achieved a minimum 100 points across the QPR continuing professional development categories to maintain accreditation. This includes attending one compulsory regulatory webinar on professional ethics and industry standards during the renewal period.

The QPR professional development categories and point scale is available here click here.

Renewing QPR

To renew their QPR accredited members are required to submit a completed Professional Development diary report annually (in April) online outlining all their professional development activities undertaken over the previous 12 months. The Professional Development diary report is reviewed to verify the activities presented meet the requirements for continued accreditation.There is no provision for automatic carry-over of accreditation from one year to the next.

To renew QPR accreditation members are required to:

  • complete and submit their Professional Development diary report online for the year under review outlining details of all professional development activities undertaken over that time.
  • ensure they have attended one compulsory regulatory webinar on professional ethics and industry standards provided for free by AMSRS.
  • submit proof of attendance at non AMSRS events and/or professional development activity, including in-house training, to accompany the Professional Development diary. This is required before the diary can be submitted.
  • obtain a total minimum number of 100 points to maintain QPR status.
  • pay the annual renewal fee.

Professional Development Activities

Professional development activities that count towards diary points are broadly defined as those that result in an improvement and broadening of market and/or social research knowledge and skills and the professional qualities needed throughout a researchers' working life. They range from professional reading to attending seminars and courses to participating in special industry groups.