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AMSRS Directory & Yearbook

The AMSRS Directory & Yearbook is an essential guide for those who buy or commission market or social research in Australia. Published in April each year, it contains a comprehensive range of listings by companies who supply research services, giving details of their areas of specialty and relevant contact information. Only companies with current AMSRS members are permitted to list in our Directory, reflecting their adherence to ethical standards.

The Directory & Yearbook also includes useful references such as the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and information on industry standards, guidelines and accreditation, plus lists of AMSRS members, QPR accredited researchers and ISO accredited companies.

The Directory & Yearbook is distributed free to AMSRS members (except Students and Overseas members). It is also available for purchase by non-members, or by any student or overseas members who might wish to obtain a copy (at a member-discounted price). CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A COPY of the current edition and it will be sent by mail when payment has been received.

Various elements of the Directory & Yearbook can also be found on our website, including an online, searchable version of the directory which caters for searches by name, location, research specialty areas, business type, accreditation(s) held, or by a keyword. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE SEARCHABLE DIRECTORY.

Interested in listing your company in our directory?

The 2019 Directory is currently open for new bookings and renewals. To find out more about listing in our Directory or to renew please CLICK HERE.