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ISO Standard for market social and opinion research

AMSRS is the peak body for the development of professional and quality standards. We own and administer the ethical Code of Professional Behaviour to which all AMSRS members adhere; we pioneered the Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) scheme for professional researchers and we now have the exclusive licence in Australia for the Fair Data ethical consumer trust mark which certifies companies for the collection, management and storage of personal data.

AMSRS has also been the main driver behind the development of ISO standards in the Australian market since the inception of IQCA and MRQA. The AMSRS CEO Elissa Molloy has been involved in the development of quality standards for our industry since 1999 and represents Australia as the Chair of the Standards Australia MB-005 Committee and sits on the international ISO committee TC225 which developed the ISO standards - ISO20252 and ISO26362.

In March 2019, a streamlined and globally recognised ISO Standard ISO:20252:2019 was published and adopted in Australia. It combines the previous two ISO standards – 20252 & 26362. SAI Global (owned by Standards Australia) owns the licence for this standard and it can be purchased from them for $290. For details please refer to their website: .

The release of the ISO20252:2019 standard was a significant change from the previous version of ISO 20252 and the panel access standard ISO 26362, with some substantial content and format changes that affect all ISO certified companies.

ISO Toolkits

As part of our ongoing commitment to best practice and support of our members, AMSRS provides a suite of resources for ISO20252:2019, including a comparative workbook and templates to ensure employees are across their compliance obligations under the revised standard.

The suite of tools for ISO20252:2019 includes the following documents:

  • 23 Steps to ISO 20252: 2019 which is 55 pages long

It also includes the following documents which are attachments - 1 to 9:

  • Attachment 1 SoA example
  • Attachment 2 Confidentiality and privacy statement
  • Attachment 3 Framework manual
  • Attachment 4 Risk assessment procedure
  • We also include 5 policies relating to the standard – password protection; digital encryption; social media; digital electronic signature and information classification.

These tools are free for AMSRS Company & Client Partners, and for AMSRS members whose companies were already certified to ISO20252. There is a discounted rate for AMSRS members of $275 incl GST and non-members can purchase them for $775 incl GST. You can order and pay for the toolkit online, here. Please be sure to login first, to enable our system to recognise the appropriate price to apply for you.

AMSRS also has templates for ISO27001, and can provide assistance with becoming certified to this Standard.

For more information about ISO Standards, please contact the AMSRS CEO Elissa Molloy by email at or by phone (02) 9566 3100.


AMSRS has negotiated with the ISO Certification body: ISO Experts Pty Ltd to provide discounted rates to AMSRS Members and Company Partners wishing to become certified to ISO20252:2019. A reduced rate will also be offered for companies wishing to gain certification to both ISO20252:2019 and Fair Data at the same time.

Click here for a flyer providing details of fee levels offered by ISO Experts for certification to the Fair Data program and/or ISO 20252.

Companies with ISO Certification, Fair Data and/or having QPR accredited staff

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