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AMSRS Code Compliance Review service

AMSRS offers a Code Compliance review service, designed to help members determine whether their proposed market or social research project is compliant with the standards of the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour (the Code).

This service will be of particular benefit to those members who work with vulnerable groups in the community or whose projects cover sensitive subjects but may not be human research projects (usually requiring physical contact with respondents) that require approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee.

The compliance review will provide advice as to whether a project is likely to comply with the Code, based on materials provided by the AMSRS member. If the project appears to be potentially non-compliant, the review will give details of possible areas of non-compliance and recommendations for steps to be taken to assist with bringing the project into line with the requirements of the Code. The review will be conducted by the AMSRS Professional Standards Officer.

Any AMSRS member may apply for a review of their proposed project. The compliance review will be charged at a daily rate of $1500 plus GST. AMSRS Company and Client Partners can access this service free of charge.

For further details please contact the AMSRS CEO Elissa Molloy on 1300 661 951, or email the Professional Standards Officer Jane Gregory at: