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AMSRS Ethical Advice

A dedicated toll free 1300 number has now been set up for AMSRS members with ethical dilemmas! The AMSRS Ethics Line is dedicated to answering members’ questions about our Code of Professional Behaviour and associated guidelines.

Put this number on speed dial: 1300 661 951

We would like to thank Telstra for assisting the Society in the continuous delivery of high quality advisory services.

Below you can find articles written by the AMSRS Professional Standards Officer (PSO) as published in Research News. This page is constantly updated and will have information added as more advice is published.


May - Risk management in handling personal identifiable information

March - The AMSRS Code on data storage and destruction

February - Professional standards: answering your queries


November - Overseas transfer of personal information

October - The AMSRS Code and the use of incentives

September - AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour – Clarification to Rule 11

July - Where the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour and the AMSRO Privacy Code intersect

June - Recommended mobile guidelines

May - Researchers do not discriminate – they are selective

April - When is information really de-identified?


November - Can we do that?

April - Recruitment and fieldwork – new AMSRS guideline highlights mutual responsibilities

March - Changes to the Privacy Act and your business

February - Eventful year for professional standards in 2014


November - Photos, videos and the privacy implications

August - Distinguishing market and social research from other activities

July - AMSRS Code compliance review - a new service from AMSRS

June - AMSRS Guideline for Interviewing Children

May - Improving standards and standing