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Suspending membership

You may temporarily suspend your AMSRS membership if you are going on maternity leave, sabbatical leave or travelling overseas for a period of up to a year. During the time that your membership is suspended, you will not have access to any membership benefits, discounts or publications. If your membership fees have been paid to a future date, the residual of your unused fees can be held in credit during your suspension and applied to your membership on your return. You must contact us to advise when you are ready to reactivate your membership. Whilst we ask for an indication of your expected date of return, we do not reactivate memberships automatically in case of changes to your planned dates or contact details during that time.

To send us a request to suspend your AMSRS membership, you can to complete and submit an online form, or send an email to Please make sure you are logged into the site using your Username and Password before completing the suspension request.

For any members who hold QPR accreditation, please be aware that you may not suspend your AMSRS membership without also suspending your QPR accreditation during that time. (All QPR's must be active AMSRS members.) Please to find out more about suspending your QPR.