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Special Interest Groups & Networks

The AMSRS encourages the formalisation of special interest groups and networks, and contributes to the establishment of new groups and networks in line with the development of the industry. The AMSRS recognises two types of special interest groups: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Special Interest Networks (SINs). For information about all of our special interest groups and networks, you can download a brochure here.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are member-only groups set up for special interest industry sectors to meet, network and run professional development and educational events. AMSRS membership is a requirement for SIG membership. (*Exception: the CNG comprises AMSRS members and non-members.) To become a member of one of the SIGs, an application needs to be submitted and any relevant SIG eligibility criteria must be met.

Currently, AMSRS supports the following SIGs. Click on each group's name to find out more about it and how to join.

Independent Researchers Group (IRG)
Qualitative Recruiters Group (QRG)
Clients Networking Group (CNG)*


Special Interest Networks (SINs) cater for AMSRS members and non-members interested in networking and participating in education forums for their industry sector. Participants in the SINs do not need to be an AMSRS member, but it is encouraged.

Currently, AMSRS supports the following SINs. Click on each network's name to find out more about it, or to join online.

Government & Social Research Network (GSRN)
Young Researchers Network (YRN)
Online Services Network (OSN)