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Online Services Network

Purpose of the OSN

The AMSRS Online Services Network (OSN) represents and exists for the benefit of AMSRS members involved in the online services sector of the market and social research industry for the mutual benefit of the online industry; including buyers and sellers of online sample, online software, and associated consulting services.

Objectives of the OSN

1. Educate: Educate researchers and end clients about the value, and how to apply, online as a research methodology.

2. Train: Ensure there are appropriate training opportunities available for individuals new to, or working within, the online services industry.

3. Profile: Raise the profile and act as the voice of the online services sector within AMSRS, the research industry generally, and associated industry forums.

4. Share: Facilitate suitable forums for networking, and sharing ideas and challenges amongst colleagues involved in the online services industry.

5. Network: Host events and networking opportunities for the wider market research community that support the objectives of the OSN.

Initiatives of the OSN

1. Educate
1.1 Contribute an article to Research News once per month.
1.2 Carry out research on knowledge, attitudes, and current application of online services within the research industry.

2. Train
2.1 Collect and develop training materials with the view of building a knowledge base and assist AMSRS in developing appropriate training courses.

3. Profile
3.1 Provide feedback from OSN meeting and events, and present the views and opinions of OSN members to AMSRS each month.

4. Share
4.1 Schedule OSN meetings once a month (or as agreed).
4.2 Organise social activities for the committee.

5. Network
5.1 Plan one industry event every quarter.

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If you have a current OSN membership and would like to opt out of the group, you can send us a request to arrange that for you, here.