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Independent Researchers Group


The IRG (Independent Researchers Group) represents independent market researchers who are working as consultants or freelancers.

The Group aims to:

  • provide a forum for networking among independent researchers so that they can share ideas, experiences and problems
  • provide opportunities for collaboration and shared workload when required
  • facilitate professional development through information exchange, discussion and education about market and social research issues, latest techniques and skills
  • keep members abreast of business issues affecting the industry and industry guidelines
  • address issues specific to independent researchers
  • promote the value of independent researchers to research buyers
  • provide a resource for larger research agencies needing freelance help
  • represent the special needs of independent researchers to the AMSRS and other relevant forums.

Membership is open to all AMSRS members who are research consultants operating independently, freelance or in small alliances to service clients. It is expected that these independent researchers are either sole traders or work in a group of no more than 2-3 consultants, under the definition of a micro business (1-5 EFT employees) where the balance of staff may include support staff, full, part-time or casual. Membership of the IRG is not open to research buyers or suppliers of support services such as recruiting, fieldwork or data processing, whose needs are met by membership of other sub-groups of the AMSRS.

If you are interested in joining the Independent Researchers Group, please click here for an application form.


The IRG has an online forum, known as the Grapevine, where dissemination of information and discussion amongst members can operate on an on-going basis. Subscription to the Grapevine is free, and we will automatically subscribe you to it unless you specifically ask us not to. (For Guidelines on participation in the Grapevine, please click here.)

At present, the IRG holds a number of meetings a year in Sydney and Melbourne. Since the IRG is national, it is envisaged that IRG meetings will eventually be set up in other states, organised by members in those states. The meetings tend to involve sharing or presenting information, or may be purely social. It is hoped that all members will participate in at least some of these sessions so that a strong sense of community can develop. See the IRG Events section below for more information about these meetings.

General enquiries: Helen Bartley, email or phone (03) 9819 9724.

Membership enquiries: Irene Swil, email or phone (02) 9880 7957.

Grapevine help: Philip Derham, email or phone (03) 9897 3011.

We would like all members of the IRG to be involved in its organisation and development. If you have any ideas about issues you would like discussed, suggestions for meetings, information to share, or you can help the group in other ways, contact Helen (as above) or better still, get on the Grapevine!


LINKEDIN: The AMSRS Independent Researchers Group (IRG) LinkedIn Subgroup is another avenue through which current members of the IRG can communicate and exchange ideas. Information about joining the LinkedIn subgroup is supplied to new IRG members at the time they join, or can be provided by the IRG Committee.

SUPERSEARCHER IRG BLOG: This blog can be found on the AMSRS Research News Live website, and is an initiative of Independent Researchers Group members. This regular column of contributions by IRG members offers articles relevant to independent market researchers working as freelancers or consultants, and the blog is available here.


The IRG organises events designed to cater for the needs of IRG members. Attendance at IRG events is generally restricted to members of the group only, but some are also open to guests. Details for each event will include information about who is welcome to attend.

To see details of any IRG events planned in coming months, please visit the Events section of our website. Email advice about upcoming IRG meetings will also be sent to IRG members who elect to receive events emails from the AMSRS.


Some IRG members choose to have a listing in the AMSRS Directory of Independent Research Consultants, outlining their services and relevant contact information. You can view or search our online Directory of Independent Research Consultants here.