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Promote Your Membership

Promote Your AMSRS Membership to Leverage Your Personal Brand

The topic of personal branding is very broad and complex. And, no doubt, building a strong and reputable personal brand requires different tools and systematic approach. As a Professional Society, we’d like to share with you a couple of tips on how membership of a professional association can leverage your personal brand.

Being an AMSRS member brings you into the body of the profession. It not only signals that you take your role as a market and/or social research professional seriously and are willing to invest in your professional development, but also demonstrates that your knowledge and skills are recognised by industry peers. The credibility of the Society, the ethics and the innovative thinking reflect your personal and professional values. Don’t hesitate to promote your Membership to your existing and potential clients, employers and colleagues.

At AMSRS we’ve created a number of tools to help our Members to promote their personal brand in different media.

1. Post-nominals

Use post-nominal letters MMSRS (Member of the Market and Social Research Society) if you’re a Full Member of the Society. You can add post-nominals in your business cards, emails, LinkedIn profile etc.

2. AMSRS Member Mark

Use the AMSRS Member Mark in your email signatures, CVs, business cards, tender documents and other proposals.

What does the AMSRS Member Mark mean?

As well as illustrating that someone is an AMSRS member, the mark also reinforces that AMSRS members abide by the Code of Professional Behaviour. Two types of Member Mark are available for download in the AMSRS Member Centre:

  • Standard Member Mark which you can use in printed materials
  • Electronic Member Mark which you can use in email signatures and other electronic platforms (professional blogs, articles etc)

How can you use the Member Mark?

You can demonstrate your AMSRS membership and credentials by adding the Members Directory listing link to your:

  • email signature
  • your proposals, tenders, briefs and reports
  • your LinkedIn profile
  • your company website

To download your Member Mark, please click here.

3. Promote your AMSRS Members Directory personal page

Update your Personal Profile in the AMSRS Members Directory and use the direct link to your personal page on the AMSRS website in combination with the Member Mark.

The AMSRS Members Directory allows members to showcase their details and membership credentials. Your listing in the Members Directory will automatically show your name, company, membership type and date you joined, and QPR accreditation (if applicable). You can add a photo, custom text to your profile and/or choose to allow contact through our website. The AMSRS Members Directory is a FREE service.

To update your AMSRS Members Directory profile, please, click here (you must be logged in as a member to be able to update your listing).

4. Promote your AMSRS Membership in your LinkedIn profile

  1. Include your post-nominal letters MMSRS if you’re a Full member of the AMSRS
  2. Add the Member Mark to your profile summary as a picture
  3. Add a link to your AMSRS Member Profile in your Contact Information Section in the Website Details. Simply choose ‘Other’ and write ‘AMSRS Member’ and then include the direct link to your profile in the AMSRS Members Directory
  4. In the ‘Organisations’ section write ‘Member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society 20XX – present’ (simply start typing ‘Australian Market and Social Research Society’ and it will automatically populate this field and put the AMSRS logo on your profile).
  5. In the ‘Certifications’ section, add your professional membership level as a certification e.g. ‘Full Member – Australian Market and Social Research Society’ or ‘QPR – Australian Market and Social Research Society’. (simply start typing ‘Australian Market and Social Research Society’ and it will automatically populate this field and put the AMSRS logo on your profile).

5. Use AMSRS Tools & Resources

Please feel free to download and share with your clients the picture below to demonstrate why it is important to abide to the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour.

Please note, AMSRS members cannot use the AMSRS logo to promote their membership status. The AMSRS Member Mark has been developed for this purpose.