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Renewal Information for Members


If you are familiar with our website and already have your login details, you can renew your AMSRS membership yourself online using the Self-Managed Renewal option below. If you don't have a record of your login details and/or would like us to action your renewal for you, or if your company has a large number of AMSRS members and might be seeking a single invoice for multiple renewals, please refer to the AMSRS-Actioned Renewal option below.

Please note: If your membership is to be renewed as an inclusion in a Company Partnership or Client Partnership, or if you are interested in signing up for a new Partnership, please send an email to for further information, rather than using the two options below.

Click here for
Self-Managed Renewal

For this option, you need to log into our website with your Username and Password. (Please click here to have your login details sent to you.)

This will take you to the My Memberships section of the website where on-screen instructions will step you through your renewal. Be sure to click the final 'Submit Order' button to ensure your renewal is complete. You will be able to pay by credit card online, or select the 'invoice' payment method to pay later by direct deposit, cheque or credit card. You will receive a tax invoice/receipt for your renewal payment.

Click here for AMSRS-Actioned Renewal

You do not need to log in for this option.

You will be asked to provide relevant details to enable our Membership Coordinator to renew your membership and send a tax invoice for your fees. The invoice will be sent by email and can be customised to suit special billing details or to show Purchase Order numbers or other references. Payment of the invoice can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card. A receipt will be emailed after payment of the invoice has been received.

Should you have any questions about your renewal or would like your login details sent to you, please contact our Membership Coordinator Judy Williams at: or by phone on (02) 9566 3105.