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General information: AMSRS membership renewal

AMSRS memberships generally fall due for renewal at the end of the financial year (30 June). Information regarding upcoming renewals is sent to members in late May or early June. Renewal of memberships can be done online, or arranged via email or by submission of a request form. Payment of fees may be made by credit card via a secure gateway or by generating an invoice for later payment by funds transfer, cheque or credit card. Members can view their membership details if logged into the AMSRS website, including the membership expiry date, the status of the membership and whether it is currently renewable.

For individual memberships which are included under a Company or Client Partnership, renewals will be coordinated by AMSRS staff with the appropriate contact person in the company. Confirmation of renewal is sent to the individual members.

Occasionally a member may have an expiry date other than 30 June, usually as a result of returning from a maternity leave suspension or similar circumstance. In such instances, the AMSRS Membership Coordinator will make contact a month or so prior to the expiry date to arrange the renewal process individually.

Members are given a reasonable period during which to pay their renewal fees, and will receive appropriate warning if a renewal has gone unpaid, prior to their membership being terminated.

If a membership has been suspended for maternity leave or similar reasons, it can be reactivated by submitting a request here, and renewal of fees will be arranged according to the individual circumstances.

If a membership has lapsed, a request for reinstatement of the membership can be made here, and fees renewal will be calculated from that point in time, to 30 June.

For any questions about renewal of an AMSRS membership, please contact our Membership Coordinator on (02) 9566 3105 or at: