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Information for Companies - membership renewals

AMSRS membership renewals are generally processed for each member individually. Members are contacted by the Society to let them know when their membership is falling due for renewal, and advised on the methods available.

If a company has a large number of members, arrangements can be made in advance to process renewals for all the company's members as a collective process. Similarly, if a company holds a Company or Client Partnership agreement, AMSRS will pre-arrange renewals of the included individual memberships. Please contact our Membership Coordinator at to arrange any group renewals.

Members renewing individually are offered two options: Self-Managed Renewal, or AMSRS-Actioned Renewal.

For both renewal methods:

  • Tax invoices will be issued for the renewal fee, detailing the member's name and membership renewal period, and will be sent as a PDF attachment to an email. If paid online by credit card, the tax invoice will show as paid. If the member chooses the 'invoice' payment method, an updated Tax Invoice will be emailed when the invoice is paid, as a receipt.
  • The member is able to provide customised Billing Details to be shown on the tax invoice, including someone else's name and/or a different billing address. The invoice can also be directed to another person's email address if required.
  • If a company Purchase Order Number or other Reference needs to be shown on the tax invoice, the member is able to add that information during the renewal process and it will be printed on the tax invoice.
  • If the 'invoice' payment method is selected, payment options are direct deposit, cheque or credit card. Bank details are provided in the remittance area of the tax invoice.
  • The member can access the invoice at any time by logging into our website and going to the My Orders section. They can view the invoice or download a PDF copy, before or after the invoice has been paid.

The differences between the two renewal methods are:

Self-Managed Renewal requires the member to log into our website with their Username and Password. They then go to the My Memberships section and follow on-screen renewal instructions. This option allows the member to pay online by credit card via a secure gateway, or they can also request an invoice be sent. (A Tax Invoice is issued for both payment methods.)

AMSRS-Actioned Renewal can be done without the member having to log in. They submit a request for the AMSRS Membership Coordinator to renew their membership, and an invoice for their renewal fees will be generated and sent. The invoice can be paid by direct deposit or cheque, or can be completed with credit card details and returned to us for processing. The member can also access the invoice later and make payment online if they wish. A receipted version of the invoice is emailed when payment reaches us.

For any queries about AMSRS membership renewals for your staff, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Judy Williams, on (02) 9566 3105 or at: