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Membership fees

Membership fees and associated benefits vary according to the membership level chosen - Full, Associate or Student. Fees also differ for members living and working outside Australia, as some membership benefits are less accessible for those located overseas.

Our standard membership subscription period is the financial year July to June. For new members joining, membership fees are calculated pro rata to 30 June, from the date you apply. A small joining fee applies for some membership types.

Membership renewals are invited annually, for July to June inclusive. Members will be advised near the end of May that their renewal is falling due, and will have the facility to renew online.

The table below shows the current annual membership renewal fees for our various membership types. To find out the fees due for a new membership on joining, please go to the section of the website and select the appropriate membership type. The pro rata fees applicable if you were to join today will be displayed there.

Full membership Associate membership Student membership
Resident in Australia AU$ 385.00 incl GST AU$ 385.00 incl GST AU$ 87.00 incl GST
Resident overseas AU$ 155.00 excl GST AU$ 155.00 excl GST AU$ 87.00 excl GST

Information about upgrading an Associate membership to Full can be found here, along with the upgrade application form.

If you have previously been an AMSRS member and would like to know the cost of reactivating your membership, or if you have any other questions about AMSRS membership fees, please contact our Membership Coordinator at