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AMSRS membership levels

Full membership

AMSRS Full membership is suitable for those employed in market and/or social research companies, as academics in the field, in consumer insights roles, or in marketing or advertising consultancies. Applicants need to have a minimum of two years in a role in the industry and to have a Nominator who is a current Full member or Fellow of the Society. Read more.

Associate membership

AMSRS Associate membership offers the opportunity to become more involved in the market, social or organisational research industry, whether it is for professional or personal reasons, or a combination of both.  There are no particular eligibility requirements for Associate membership. Read more.

Student membership

AMSRS Student membership is for those who are enrolled full-time or part-time at any University, and have an interest in market, social or organisational research. To be eligible, you must not be in full-time employment.  Read more.

AMSRS Designations

In addition to the membership levels above, the AMSRS has two other designations: Fellow and QPR. These designations indicate an individual's higher level of involvement with the Society and knowledge of the industry. 


Society Fellows have been judged by their peers to have made a substantial contribution to the Australian market research industry.  New Fellows are elected by a process of nomination and voting. Read more.


Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) accreditation indicates a member is a professional market and social researcher recognised for extensive experience and formal qualifications. It also reflects that the member has made a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain their expertise in the industry. Read more.