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About AMSRS Membership

The Society assists members to develop their careers by heightening professional standards and ethics in the fields of market and social research. AMSRS members are bound to observe the Code of Professional Behaviour, which covers both the ethics and standard conditions of conducting and reporting market and social research. Find out all about AMSRS membership using the menu items on the left.

Membership Renewal

Click on the heading for information about how to renew your AMSRS membership, or to arrange renewal for your employees who are AMSRS members.

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Special Interest Groups & Networks

The AMSRS encourages the formalisation of special interest groups and networks, and contributes to the establishment of new groups and networks in line with the development of the industry. Click on the heading to find out more and/or join.

List of all AMSRS Members

A list (in PDF format) of all current AMSRS members which includes their membership level and associated company.

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Membership FAQs

Commonly-asked questions about AMSRS membership, with answers and appropriate links to further information on the topic.

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As a Professional Society, we'd like to share with you a couple of tips on how membership of a professional association can leverage your personal brand.

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