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AMSRS Full membership is suitable for those employed in market and/or social research companies, as academics in the field, in consumer insights roles, or in marketing or advertising consultancies. To be eligible for Full membership, applicants need to have been in a role in the industry for a minimum of two years, and to have the support of a Nominator who is a current Full member or Fellow of the Society.

If you wish to apply for a new Full membership, please use the SIGN UP button below to complete our online application form and arrange payment of your fees.

Exceptions: If your employer has an AMSRS Company/Client Partnership under which your membership is to be added, if you wish to reinstate a former membership or to upgrade a current membership to Full, please contact our Membership Coordinator at for assistance instead of applying here.

The standard subscription period for Full membership is the financial year July to June. For new members joining part way through the year, the fees due are calculated pro rata to 30 June, and a joining fee applies. The cost of Full membership if you apply today is the amount shown below under Pro Rata Fees, plus the Joining Fee. Payment may be made by credit card via a secure gateway, or an invoice can be raised for subsequent payment by EFT, cheque or credit card. (Fees payment must be received before memberships can be approved.)

Annual Fee: $385.00 (GST inclusive)

For the period: 24th Apr 19 to 30th Jun 19

Pro Rata Fees: $71.72 (GST inclusive)

Joining Fee: $27.50 (GST inclusive)