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AMSRS Directory & Yearbook 2020 - Listing Booking Form

Please fill in the form below to book your listing in the AMSRS Directory and Yearbook 2020.

For multiple listings, please submit separate booking forms for each listing with a different Listing Title. 

For AMSRS Company Partners, we are extending a 20% discount on the cost of Directory listings for 2020. Applicable prices are shown below in the listing options for each section.

In addition to the listings, we are also offering advertising opportunities in the printed version of the Directory & Yearbook. These advertisements will use artwork you supply, or we can assist to have produced for you;  they may be in colour or black and white;  in cover positions or inserted in other locations within the Directory & Yearbook. For more information about an advertisement or to find out the applicable cost, please contact Elissa Molloy on (02) 9566 3100 or send an email to .

AMSRS Directory & Yearbook 2020 Timeline:

Bookings Open: Content Deadline: Payment Due: Hardcopy Published:
18th FEB 2020 to
9th MAR 2020
9th MAR 2020 9th APR 2020 MAY 2020

Company Principal's Declaration

In order to list in the AMSRS Directory, the company’s Owner, Principal or most senior executive must themselves be an AMSRS member, and must agree to abide by our Directory Terms & Conditions - click here to view them. This requirement is to ensure that all companies listed in the directory are fully aligned with the principles that guide AMSRS. This requirement also applies to supplier organisations to the research industry. Please click here to download a copy of the Code of Professional Behaviour.


Directory Listing Details

Listing Title: Please indicate the company name to appear as the listing title in the Directory.

This will be used as the page heading in the print version, and be how the listing appears in online searches.

Details of the primary contact for this Directory listing.

This person will receive all communication about the management and payment of the booking, and will also have online access to make updates to the listing’s content. This person must have delegated responsibility to sign off on the Directory listing content. (This information is for administration purposes only and does not form part of the listing content.)

Type of Listing required

Please tick the relevant box(es) to indicate which listing you would like to book for 2020. (Prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.)   PLEASE NOTE:  The discounted prices are only offered to those companies who have taken up an AMSRS Company Partnership.  Click here for a list of eligible Partner companies or contact us on (02) 9566 3100 to find out more.

Certifications & Accreditations

Please indicate below whether you hold any ISO certifications and/or have QPR accredited members in your company. This information will be used to render relevant logo images in your listing and is also used in the online Directory search filter options.  

Additional Administrator’s Information

If you would like someone else in your company to be able to update the content of your listing online in addition to the primary contact, please provide their details below. 

Submit your form

Please click “Submit” below to book your listing renewal.

Bookings submitted will be processed within 3 business days. You will be sent an email advising how to update your listing content online, and another containing an invoice for the cost of the listing.  

Content updates to be included in the print version of the Directory MUST be completed by MONDAY 9th MARCH 2020.  

For multiple listings, please submit separate booking forms for each listing with a different Listing Title.