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2019 WinterSchool

The AMSRS Winter School series in 2019 will offer a broad range of core courses for market and social researchers.
These courses are face to face.

The courses cover key aspects of our profession – spanning both qualitative and quantitative research, and with a focus on subjects and content that are directly applicable. The face to face courses throughout the year will deliver valuable new knowledge and skills so that delegates can keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace.

Each course will be a half or full day with a focus on delivering practical skills with a short-burst duration. Courses will be delivered face-to-face in one central location to maximise the quality of learning and to facilitate interaction between class members. This concentrated learning experience will deliver maximum knowledge in the minimum time in recognition of the time demands on today’s research professional.

To encourage members located outside NSW to participate, discounts are offered to help offset the cost of interstate travel.

  • Both qualitative and quantitative topics covered.
  • You can mix and match to meet your learning needs.
  • You can choose a topic from each half day’s offerings to meet your individual requirements.
  • Attend 1 or more sessions.


We will go on a journey into the rational/ irrational individual for determining the right questions and techniques for soliciting real meaning and depth of insight. In so doing, we will learn how to reveal motivators that are generally not recognised by the individual; those that are below consciousness.
Presenter: Tim Biddlecombe

This workshop will examine a number of different approaches to Segmentation (A-priori, Usage, Psychographic, Needs-based) so that participants will be able to select and adapt the right approach to each research problem.
Presenter: Luke Starick

This is an interactive workshop where participants are encouraged to discover their ‘natural’ approach. Difficult and challenging situations will be presented in live practice sessions for developing your mastery in moderating focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews.
Presenter: Tim Biddlecombe

The course will cover some of the fundamental do’s and don’ts of survey preparation. Throughout the course we will discuss how the requirements and capabilities of survey design alter across different data collection modalities including mobile and emerging technologies.
Presenter: Lisa Lewers