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Webinar: Insight from social media data

22nd May 18


The continuing rise of social media has led clients to place increasing emphasis on gleaning insight from secondary data. The techniques for extracting insight from social media data continue to evolve. This webinar upskills you in the latest techniques being used gleaning insights from social media data.


In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The breadth and depth of insight that can be obtained from social media data
  2. Ways of extracting insight from social media data
  3. The more fruitful types of social media data for generating insight
  4. Emerging techniques in social media data analysis

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this webinar, you will have learnt how to identify the types of social media data more useful for generating insight from and the techniques that will enable you to do this.


Fran Cassidy, UK

Fran Cassidy has had over 25 years’ experience in research and media.

Fran is the owner of Cassidy Media Partnership in the UK and has served as a Director of The Marketing Society for 12 years. She has worked as Marketing Director of Carlton Television and Head of Marketing for Adshel.

Fran holds a Masters degree from the University of Oxford.

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