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Webinar: New ways of utilising secondary data

18th Sep 18


A client’s brief tends to represent the dominant story of their brand. However, it does not contain other alternative stories, just the ones already known. The alternative story is based on resources than can place the brand outside the dominant story. The dominant story is constructed on a limited set of data. One can create an alternative story by recovering data/ information from previous reports, replacing all the data on a map and reconnecting the dots in a different way.


  • How to use past research reports and secondary data to unlock extra meaning on the current status of a client/’s brand before commencing primary data collection, therefore improving your line of enquiry.
  • Finding new stories in old data and therefore increasing the value of the strategic insight you offer when reporting your research findings
  • Developing your skill in seeing the unusual in past data so as to provide a glimpse of new possibilities when researching the future.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this webinar, participants will become savvier in addressing a client’s brief through the stronger integration of a client’s own secondary data. In so doing, you will learn how to join the dots between part research reports and other data within the client’s organisation to produce more valuable strategic insight from your own primary data collection.


Oana Rengle, Romania

Oana Rengle has a lifelong passion for qualitative research, with 17 years of experience.

Currently she is consulting independently under the Anamnesis brand on qualitative research and strategic insight integration into business.

In addition to being a research practitioner, she is also a certified Idea Generation and Creative Problem Solving processes facilitator, and a psychotherapist practicing Systemic Family Therapy.

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