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Webinar: Reconciling contradictory research data

13th Dec 18


With the plethora of data available to clients today, there is increasing likelihood that different data streams can generate contradictory implications.

This webinar offers a “hierarchy of truth” to reconcile what can appear, on face value, to be contradictory facts.

The application of this “hierarchy of truth” will be illustrated in a case study from Johnson & Johnson. In this case study, J&J leveraged data and intuition by applying control systems engineering techniques and deep qualitative insights in its Vision Care franchise.


To learn a system for reconciling contradictory data, thereby achieving convergent validity

To combine data with intuition for developing an action plan

To appreciate the complementary use of market research with engineering to gain a practical solution to a research problem

How market research findings can assist in moving forward in tightly regulated environments.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this webinar, you will be able to reconcile contradictory facts by instituting a “hierarchy of truth”. This hierarchy is also useful in busting myths.

Who is this webinar suitable for?

Any researcher who wants to connect more closely with best data practices in client organisations.


Pavi Gupta Senior Global Director, GSI, Johnson & Johnson, USA

Pavi is Senior Global Director, GSI, Johnson & Johnson, United States

Pavi is a Marketing Insights specialist and a Global functional leader with 22 years’ experience (15 years at Coca-Cola, 4 years at Research International); spread across diverse markets (USA, Thailand & India) and across diverse roles (Corporate, Regional and Market).

Pavi’s strength is in identifying game changing insights by leveraging analytics and intuition. He has a proven track record of motivating and leading multi-level teams in cross-cultural environments. Pavi has also successfully created and influenced the system to scale innovative research solutions in a matrix setup.

Vittorio Raimondi Managing Director, Foresight Associates, USA

Vittorio is Managing Director, Foresight Associates, United States

Vittorio passionately believes that insightful analyses alone are not sufficient to drive robust brand growth strategy. You need to find a way to project their impact into the future, creating and rehearsing alternative scenarios before settling on a coherent strategy that can create the future you choose for your brand.

In 2011, Vittorio founded Foresight Associates, which has successfully delivered work in more than 20 countries, across several industries, to clients that include Fortune 100 companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and Johnson & Johnson, and smaller local companies that have access to less data, but are equally hungry for foresight.

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