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Webinar: Discerning research implications

15th Apr 19


Clients are increasingly focusing on the key implications from research studies and storing these implications through investment in knowledge management systems. The onus today is on accessing usable research findings from knowledge data bases as quickly and easily as possible.

In this webinar, tangible examples will be provided of what client organisations are doing to make insights live and the hurdles they run up against (particularly in global organisation) to make an impact. Shopper research is one such example because the implications impact on so many elements of the client’s business


  • How to discern the business implications from research studies (by means of examples)
  • How to work with digitisation to ensure that organisations can but store these implications for quick and easy access
  • How to ensure that client organisations truly value the knowledge generated by research agencies, as being powerful for their own agendas

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how Knowledge Management Systems (especially in global client organisations) are shaping research output to ensure ongoing application for solving business issues.
  • Take voluminous research and distil key business implications for client organisations.
  • Help client organisations tag research outcomes for future business use via Knowledge Management Systems.


Jamie Rayner, UK & Elizabeth Morgan, Germany

Jamie’s experience spans across both client and agency side. From pioneering behavioural shopper insight 20 years ago to today: designing global research programmes, decoding and disseminating insight back into the sales and marketing functions of global companies, to elicit change and unlock brand growth.

Jamie has been the Senior Insight Manager at Imperial Brands in the UK and is Managing Director of Shopper Centric.

Elizabeth P. Morgan is a co-founder of Market Logic Software and SVP Marketing. She is a serial entrepreneur and passionate advocate for insight-driven marketing processes to achieve true customer centricity.

Prior to Market Logic, Elizabeth was GVP Marketing at VPI Systems, and a communications infrastructure consultant with organizations including APEC and the World Bank. In the early stages of her career, Elizabeth developed consumer brands in entertainment and communications sectors.

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