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Webinar: Best-Worst scaling in conjoint analysis

29th Sep 17


Best-Worst (MaxDiff) is a trade-off method for measuring the importance or preference for multiple items, such as brands, product features, political platforms, advertising claims etc

The Best-Worst System allows researchers to ask for “best” and “worst” choices within subsets of items. It is a technique invented by Jordan Louviere in 1987. Best-Worst may be thought of as a more sophisticated extension of the Method of Paired Comparisons.

According to Louviere, people are much better at judging items at extremes than in discriminating

among items of middling importance or preference. As Best-Worst is “scale free”, this is also an extremely valuable property for cross-cultural research studies.


This webinar explains how to use:

  • Best-Worst in your data collection methodology
  • The parameters from Best-Worst conjoint in market simulations
  • Best-Worst conjoint as an alternative to Choice Based Conjoint for predicting.
  • Blending of best and worst judgments with caution.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be well-placed to consider the value of using Best-Worst scaling in their data collection and analysis, thereby improving your repertoire of predictive modelling techniques.


Bryan Orme, USA

Bryan Orme is President, Sawtooth Software, Inc., USA

Prior to Sawtooth Software, Bryan worked in the marketing sciences department at IntelliQuest, Inc.

Bryan has published many articles on conjoint analysis and has received the David K. Hardin award for the best paper published in Marketing Research.

Bryan is the author of Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis and has also authored numerous Sawtooth Software technical papers and manuals. Bryan has been active at the American Marketing Association's Advanced Research Techniques Forum.

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