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QPR Webinar: Applying AI and Data Science techniques to Qual research

21st Nov 19


This webinar will demonstrate how big datasets can explain the ways people think. A neuro science algorithm will be provided that predicts consumer thinking. These predictions can be applied across geographies, powering brand positioning and product innovation on an unprecedented scale.
This technique can revolutionise the way we generate qualitative consumer insights.
By using artificial intelligence (AI) in this way, it is possible to predict what consumers think – this is especially important when examining how to best position and market a brand for greatest success.

Learning objectives

  1. How Big Data can contextualise qualitative insights
  2. How to use algorithms to predict what people like, based on their conversations
  3. How AI and Data Science can be used to generate qualitative insights for building stronger predictive models, thereby identifying the best way to position a brand for maximum success.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this webinar, you will have learnt a methodology that can be used with qualitative insights for achieving better predictive validity – in so doing, positioning a brand foir market success.

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Mall, Germany

Neuropsychologist turned Data Scientist and Entrepreneur.

After his studies in Amsterdam, UK and Groningen, Jonathan Mall pursued an opportunity to optimize consumer experience using machine learning. In so doing, he led a Data Science team in an IBM Big Data Venture.
Afterwards, Jonathan founded Neuro Flash, a marketing intelligence institute, using Big Data and Neuromarketing to understand, predict and influence how people react to persuasive content.
Jonathan has invented and built an App that determines how much people like each other, based on Facebook private message communication symmetry and word usage patterns. He has used this algorithm to predict & increase sales success in website hosted Chat conversations.
Jonathan analyses popular consumer brands, giving examples of general associations and how the media successfully uses these associations. Additionally, Jonathan has addressed the importance of repetitive exposure to certain products and how it shortens the memory recall time. This could be interpreted as the way to get people to passively prefer things, by progressively increasing their exposure to the item of interest.

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