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Online Course: Market Research – An introduction

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Market & Social Research– An Introduction

This online course provides an understanding of the role of market and social research in society and business, and an awareness of the processes involved in designing and planning effective research. The course is knowledge-based, provides a basic grounding in the research process and covers the following core research skills:
The basics of market & social research
• Research objectives
• Research design
• An introduction to research methodologies

Designing a research project: the tools of market & social research

• Introduction to qualitative research
• Introduction to quantitative research
• Introduction to sampling and interviewing
• An introduction to questionnaire design

Completing a research project
• Turning data into findings
• Reporting and communicating findings
• Professional development and the market research industry

Who will benefit?

Those with little or no experience in market or social research. The course will provide a basic introduction and may be particularly suited to support staff, those commissioning research for the first time, those wishing to carry out small-scale research to support their businesses, field workers and those seeking an understanding of the market research industry.

Please note: Registrants must log onto the course within 60 days of receipt of their access key and complete the course within 120 days. The average length of time to complete the course is around 30 hours.

AMSRS is now offering 2 new online courses, aimed at developing the basic skills of social and market researchers. The Introduction to Market & Social Research online course assists with building core research skills, whereas the Questionnaire Design online course provides training in constructing questionnaires.

Develop your skills and your career whenever you like and wherever you are;

  • Boost your business skills
  • Improve your questionnaires
  • Understand the research basics
  • Personalise your course
  • Interactive access to tutors
  • Tackle subjects at your own pace
  • Choose your preferred learning style

How the online training courses work

The content of the online courses has been structured so that it allows the learners to personalise their learning experience. The programme consists of an area for the user, the Personal Profile and two inter-linked websites: a Learning Centre and a Resource Centre.

Personal Profile

To begin, the programme generates a personal profile where the learners decide what they want to focus on during their training; and by completing a series of questions their preferred learning style is established.

Learning Centre

  • The training takes place in the Learning Centre and this is where most time will be spent.
  • The syllabus comprises four sections with each section containing different modules
  • There is no fixed order for the course material – it’s up to the learners how they tackle the sections
  • The Learning Centre also acts as a tutor, guiding and advising on progress
  • The Learning Centre facilitates a variety of learning styles, encouraging learners to define what they want to learn and how.
  • The Learning Centre is used as an interactive resource, drilling down into the Resource Centre for greater depth of information where wanted and/or needed.

Resource Centre

  • The Resource Centre complements learning by giving an added layer of resource
  • It acts as a library with useful links and checklists and ensures the learners make the most of the Internet during the training
  • Example screenshots of the each of the Centres helps give an idea of what to expect. The screenshots are taken from the online Questionnaire Design course, but the format is the same for Market Research - An Introduction. The screenshots show the different sections such as ‘have a go’ at a task or ‘tell me more’ about a specific area.


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