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Masterclass: Machine Learning Course

1st Dec 17


Historically market research has relied heavily on consumer insight for generating predictions. Today these predictions are becoming increasingly augmented with Machine Learning.

Machine Learning uses algorithms applied to data sets to find hidden insights without being programmed where to look. This iterative aspect of Machine Learning is important because models independently adapt to new data.


This course:

  1. Explains how Machine Learning works
  2. Shows you how to apply Machine Learning and the main associated algorithms to market research problems using open source software (not R).
  3. Increases the predictive validity of your research findings by also incorporating a Machine Learning component to large data bases.
  4. Uses the insights obtained from market research findings to better guide the building a Machine Learning approach.

Learning outcomes?

At the conclusion of this one-day face to face course, participants will have gained the knowledge and ability to apply machine learning as a tool for answering market research problems. In so doing, you will have developed the skill to make informed judgments when building Machine Learning solutions.

Who is this course intended for?

Market Research analysts, account managers and indeed anyone responsible for overseeing an agency quantitative research division or client-side research function.


Dr Con Menictas

The course will be conducted by Dr Con Menictas who is an applied statistician, academic in quantitative methods, and one of the first practitioners of machine learning in Australia.

Con received his machine learning training over many years in the US under Professor Dan Steinberg, the founder of Salford Systems, the world leading Machine Learning Practise.

Further details about this course:

As market researchers, we deal almost exclusively with the reasons consumers transact and behave in the way they do.

We generate data that examine attitudes, interests, opinions and needs. As such, the predictive models that market research can build, knowledge permitting, are better predictors of consumer behaviour than the analytical teams on client side using transaction data alone.

Today, clients perceive that they are being increasingly equipped in understanding their consumers via Machine Learning and tend to become less reliant on commissioning market research studies.

The conceptual aspects of the course will cover the information that clients typically have on their side, and the information that we as market researchers generate on our side. The focus will be on the solutions that both these information sources provide, and why it is important to use both sources simultaneously, rather than one alone.

In order to make the applied nature of course immediately accessible and understandable, open source independent platform software will be used which will not require coding.

The course will focus on a handful of proven and extremely powerful Machine Learning methods, to allow a comprehensive understanding of how to get started in using them confidently.

This course will enable participants to walk away feeling completely comfortable using the Machine Learning methods taught, in from discussing the models amongst themselves and clients, and in recommending client solutions as a result.

This course is designed in a way that makes you think about the client solution, the data that needs to be used on both client and supplier side, and the Machine Learning method that can be used to further increase the value of the research being conducted. It focuses on how to incorporate insights into tuning the models, once they have been built.

Event information:

Event Format: In-class Course | Face to Face
Date: Friday 1st December, 2017
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Rendezvous Hotel - Sydney
Event Cost :(inc.GST) $880.00 Members
$1210.00 Non Members
QPMR Points: 40
Inclusions: Course material, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea


Start Time:
9:00 AM

The Rendezvous Hotel - Cnr. George and Quay Streets, Railway Square, Sydney, New South Wales

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AU $ 1210 (Inc. GST)

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$880.00 (Inc. GST)

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