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Business Webinar: Ethical Business Conduct

22nd Jun 18


Ethical issues can arise in the workplace from conflicts of interest, misuse of proprietary information, misuse of assets and so on. Business ethics involves what is right or wrong in the workplace – in this sense, it is a form of value management.

Common causes of unethical behaviour include pressure, fear, greed and convenience. However, it can be more insidious by following a client’s directives, trying to achieve overly ambitious requirements, responding to competitive threats or responding to pressure on complex issues that have no clear indication of what is right or wrong.

In this webinar, we will examine codes of ethics and the benefits of managing ethics in the workplace. Importantly, this includes cultivating teamwork, productivity, morale and development. In so doing, we can establish values for quality management, strategic planning and diversity management whilst promoting a strong public image.


  • Identifying the benefits and need for an ethical workplace.
  • Sharing best practice in ethical workplace behaviour
  • Ways of developing and promoting an ethical workplace.
  • How to encourage compliance with ethical behaviour and self-governance.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this webinar, you will be have developed the skills and appreciation to contribute to ethical workplace practices within your agency or organisation so as to project a strong public image.


Norine Cruise

Norine Cruse, Director, Cruse Partnership has worked in the field of risk and compliance management for the past fifteen years.

CRUSE Partnership have been active in working with various professional bodies and individual companies both in Australia and internationally to develop industry standards and systems, including implementing and monitoring the International market, opinion and social research standards as well as other risk management standards.

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