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QPMR Webinar: Why Telephone Surveying is needed in a world of Online Surveying

28th Nov 17


Online surveys continue to increase in prominence because of their low costs and quick turnaround, whilst telephone surveys are being used less and less often. However, there are many good reasons now and in the future to choose live telephone surveying for reasons of reliability and validity.

Research in the past decade in America, Europe and Australia has consistently shown that dual-frame random digit dialing (RDD) surveying is more accurate than nonprobability online panels. Furthermore, the telephone has become an important mode for recruiting respondents and gathering data in multi-mode surveys, including those that use address-based samples.

Paul J. Lavrakas, Ph.D., has focused his research on telephone survey methods for four decades, and recently chaired a major industry task force on "The Future of Telephone Surveying," as well as serving as main author of that report.


This webinar will address:

  1. When to use a non-probability (convenience) sample versus a probability (representative) sample
  2. Reasons for telephone surveying being included in research methodology, as part of a mixed mode approach
  3. Ways of increasing response rates with telephone surveys
  4. How to make telephone surveys more cost-efficient


Paul Lavrakas, USA

Paul was Vice President and chief methodologist for Nielsen Media Research (2000-2007) and prior to that, a tenured Full Professor at Northwestern University and Ohio State University where he established and directed survey research centers.

He joined the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago in 2014 as a Senior Fellow, and there he helps to identify changes in various research methods to try to bring about greater cost-efficiencies and improvements in accuracy.

In addition, he serves as a Senior Methodological adviser for The Social Research Center at Australian National University and for the Office of Survey Research at Michigan State University. He is the editor of The Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods (Sage, 2008), and was President of the American Association for Public Opinion research, 2012-2013.

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