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Masterclass 2019 - Online qual tools

21st Nov 19

This Masterclass, over 2 sessions, will teach you how to use online qualitative research to engage and inspire candid responses from participants and enable deep and agile learning to help make decisions with clarity.
We will learn using new, leading edge online qual technologies. This is a highly interactive session that will have participants actually working on a number of different online qual platforms. Expect a bit of pre-work and some home-work assigned in between sessions to deepen the learning. Come prepared to engage and have fun and learn all about online qualitative research!
This Masterclass will teach you:
  1. The main types of online qual tools
  2. Which online qual tool(s) can obtain optimal insights for each research problem
  3. How to conduct a study using different types of online platforms (hands on)
  4. Best practices to keep participants and clients engaged in the various forms of online qualitative research
  5. Iterative use of online qual tools
  6. Future prospects for online qual
Learning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this online Masterclass, participants will have:
  • A solid understanding of the different online qual tools available and when it is optimal to use each type
  • An enhanced working knowledge of how to implement online qualitative research into an iterative Design Thinking process.
  • A clearer idea of how to overcome common client and stakeholder misconceptions about online qual
Layla Shea
Layla is Founder and Chief Insights Officer of Upwords, a highly successful North-American boutique marketing consultancy that specializes in using online qualitative methods to connect human understanding and business needs.
Layla is a leader in the North American online qualitative research community. Layla has won international awards for the impact she’s had on her clients’ businesses and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. Layla is an expert at making the complex simple.
Before founding Upwords Layla was a marketer at Coca-Cola and S.C. Johnson, a research consultant & facilitator at Sklar Wilton & Associates, and a RIVA Trained Focus Group Moderator.
Bronwen Ward
Bronwen entered the qualitative world after a successful career in hospitality management, including a variety of senior roles. In 2013 Bronwen completed a Post Graduate project in Market Research and was recognized for her exceptional leadership skills receiving the Millward Brown Leadership Award for her graduating year. In 2018, Bronwen returned to her alma mater to teach future market researchers Qualitative Research.
Over the past half-decade, Bronwen has successfully overseen hundreds of qualitative studies for some of the worlds’ biggest retail, alcoholic beverage and consumer packaged goods brands – specializing in those of the online variety. Her keen (verging on neurotic) meticulous nature means Bronwen can multi-task all aspects of a project from start to finish without breaking a sweat.

Master Class Outline:
Session 1 (Duration: 2 hours)
  • Introductions & Expectations (with a hands-on demo)
  • Online qual forms, what are they and when to use each?
  • Getting up and running on main types of online qual studies (hands on demos included)
  • Review ‘homework’ assignment
Session 2 (Duration: 2 hours)
  • Review ‘homework’ and any questions from last session
  • Keeping participants and clients engaged on various forms of online qual (hands on demos included)
  • Incorporating online qual with Design Thinking to enable failing fast
  • Overcoming barriers to using online qual
  • The future of online qual (hands on demos)

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Thursday 21st November 2019
Thursday 28th November 2019
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