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Masterclass 2018 - Social Media Research Techniques - Online Course

20th Apr 18


As a researcher, do you need to identify thought leaders in social media? Once you have identified these thought leaders, are you interested in capturing how they influence other early adopters of new products and services? Moreover, are you interested in learning how to research the ways in which these opinion leaders can be influenced in their thinking?

This Masterclass will offer you new technology tools for researching social media, not just physical methodologies. This includes artificial intelligence and big data tools that can tap into social media networks. Another key tool is cultural semantics, which helps in the mapping of trending topics and anticipating new trends. An influence tool will be used to determine which stakeholders have influence on new behaviour in society.

One output is identifying those people responsible for creating new behaviours in society through social media (referred to as “alphas”), those people spreading the behaviour (referred to as “betas”) and then the mainstream people. Of course, these groupings can change by conversation topic.

The methodologies taught include both online and offline tools and will be supported by numerous case studies. The implications of these methodologies foir a blended qual/quant approach that offers higher levels of validity will be covered.


This Masterclass will:

  1. Help you understand the influence of social media on behaviour and how to identify these key influencers, both in the creation of trends and transmission of these trends
  2. Provide a set of online tools for identifying those people who generate ideas and influence others for each topic of client interest.
  3. Develop your skills in cultural semantics, semiotics and trend forecasting for mapping trending topics
  4. Learn how “alphas” (behavioural creators) and “betas” (behavioural transmitters) can be influenced themselves via social media
  5. Learn why a blended qual/ quant approach can best suit social media research.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this online Masterclass, participants will be able to conduct social media research with a new set of technological and offline tools as part of a blended qual/ quant research methodology

Who is the course intended for?

All research professionals interested in developing their social media research skills.

Speaker(s): Gabriel Milanez and Laura Kroeff

Gabriel Milanez has been a planning and research director for BOX1824 since 2007. He was responsible for the widely acclaimed research “The Brazilian Dream”, which investigated how young people re-signify the various spheres of society.

Gabriel has worked in advertising agencies such as Fischer America and Lew, Lara. He graduated in Social Communication and Social Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP). He also studied Sociology at the Sorbonne University Paris IV, France.

Box 1824 is a research agency, based in Brazil and USA, which researches trends in consumption, behavior and innovation. The company adopts unorthodox methodologies in qualitative market research , such as scenario invasion. Box 1824 helps to design future scenarios and anticipate behavioral movements through strategic intelligence projects. It serves customers from several market segments, including Samsung , PepsiCo , Itaú , FIAT , Nike , Nestlé , C & A and InBev .

Laura Kroeff is digital & innovation VP of Box 1824. She is an Advertising Specialist in Group Coordination and an MBA in Business Management. Laura has more than 16 years of experience divided in three universes: communication agencies; market research and digital.

Laura led national and international projects for clients such as Itaú, Globosat, Fiat, C & A, O Boticario, Mondelez, Reckitt, Samsung, Ambev, Vivo, Melitta, Pepsi, Burger King, Nike among others.

Laura has been teaching for more than 7 years about planning, research and the new post-digital communication landscape. She has several articles and interviews published and in 2014 wrote a non-commercial book to share experiences and learning from Real-Time Marketing.

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