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Masterclass 2018 - Questionnaire Design & Wording - Online Course

1st Mar 18


Professor Allyson Holbrook from the University of Illinois at Chicago will extend our skills in questionnaire design and wording.

This Masterclass over 3 sessions will examine many critical factors in designing a questionnaire and then how to word survey questions by exploring the cognitive processes of respondents. As this is a Masterclass, it is assumed you have had at least 1 to 2 years’ experience in working with questionnaires and are now seeking to further refine your skills.


This Masterclass will help you:

  1. Understand the cognitive processes of respondents
  2. Word questions taking into consideration a host of factors including respondent motivation, ability and social/ cultural influences
  3. Select the most suitable scales and descriptors for closed response questions
  4. Order questions and response options appropriately
  5. Design a questionnaire for minimising bias and encouraging completion

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this online Masterclass, participants will be able to select the most suitable wording for questions based on respondent motivation/ ability, culture and other cognitive influences. You will be able to design a questionnaire taking into consideration the order of questions, scales used for closed response questions and order of response options.

Who is the course intended for?

All market and social research professionals involved in survey research. As this is a Masterclass, it is assumed you have had at least 1 to 2 years’ experience in working with questionnaires and are now seeking to further refine your skills.


Allyson Holbrook

Professor Allyson Holbrook’s work focuses on understanding the processes by which people’s opinions form, change over time, and influence their behavior, and on improving methods for studying these processes in surveys.

Professor Holbrook is currently collaborating with other professors from the University of Illinois in Chicago Survey Research Laboratory on research projects involving four research questions.

The first area of research involves methods for measuring and correcting for non-response bias. This research explores the implications of the lack of participation for survey data quality.

The second area of research involves developing methods to increase the honesty of respondents’ answers to sensitive questions in surveys. Two projects in this area of research involve: 1) the effects of using indigenous interviewers to interview disadvantaged populations and 2) the use of strategies that increase participant anonymity.

Professor Holbrook’s third area of research involves exploring the cognitive process by which respondents answer survey questions and factors that affect this process. Recent projects in this area of research have involved behavior coding, in which respondents’ behaviours during an interview are used as indirect indicators of their cognitive processes. Other studies have tested the effect of question wording on answers to survey questions to gain insight into these cognitive processes.

Finally, a fourth area of research deals with the relationship between culture and surveys. Increasing heterogeneity within the U.S. population and increasing globalization of research efforts make it important to be able to collect comparable survey data across cultural groups. Research in this area focuses on the effects of culture on the cognitive process of answering survey questions and optimal question wording to maximize consistent measurement across groups.

Further details about this course:

The first session will be cover an overview of the major decisions to be made in questionnaire design, including question wording, question order, and response formats (both closed and open-ended questions), as well as considering the role of mode and target population on questionnaire design. The survey response process will be explored as both a cognitive process and a conversation – the implications of both perspectives for designing questions will be considered.

The second session will include a more detailed discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of different response formats. This session will include discussions of survey satisficing and specifically address practices to avoid. Allyson will provide examples of how to construct questionnaires and word questions, developing our skills accordingly.

The third session will address several specific issues in designing questionnaires and bring the elements of the class together. Specifically, the session will drill down to address issues of visual presentation in self-administered questionnaires and some implications of cross-cultural survey research on questionnaire design. She will then consolidate our learning across the 3 sessions so that we leave the Masterclass series with subject matter expertise in the area of questionnaire design and wording.

These online sessions are hands-on and interactive using a Zoom platform that encourages participation and sharing of views, then applying this new learning accordingly.

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