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Masterclass 2018 - Strategic consulting using market research - Online Course

13th Feb 18


Julia Zivanovic will take us beyond analysing and reporting market research data to providing clients with strong strategic direction using a firm evidence base. By so doing, we will build our skills beyond reporting what the data says, to interpreting the strategic implications of the data for the client’s overall business. This will be achieved by applying models to real life examples, supported by data.


This Masterclass will:

  1. Examine what consultants and advisers offer beyond the data, that researchers don’t.
  2. Enable us to identify the true underlying problem from an organisation’s research brief.
  3. Provide tools, models and frameworks that market researchers can draw on for strategic consulting.
  4. Enable us to demonstrate higher value thinking by mapping strategic pathways for an organisation to move forward
  5. Assist us to establish our credibility as a strategic advisor.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this online Masterclass, participants will have gained the knowledge and ability to truly act as strategic consultants for the organisations they serve, whether this be commercial, not-for-profit or government.

Who is the course intended for?

All market and social research professionals with at least several years’ experience in interpreting and reporting data.


Julia Zivanovic
Julia founded Know L’Edge in 2001. It is a business consulting company which focusses heavily on both qualitative and quantitative research to assist clients make evidence based decisions. Know L’edge is a Preferred Supplied to Local Government in WA.

Julia is also the Research Partner for The Right Group conducting research for Bunnings (Retail and Trade), Officeworks and Coles.

Julia’s ability to ensure that the research can be used by clients is founded on the ability to bridge the gap between research outcomes and applying it in a way that integrates effectively through accepted business models and frameworks. Whilst her MBA certainly helps this translation, it is the practical knowledge gained as a senior executive in using the research that provides the edge.

This edge has also translated into marketing and research effectiveness awards for Julia’s clients across a range of business sectors including local government, commercial and tourism.

Julia is the author of ‘Research Consulting’ which provides a framework for researchers to better meet the strategic and operational needs of clients when using research.

Julia is held in high regard as a speaker, presenter, facilitator and teacher. She has also taught Marketing on the MBA program at the University of Western Australia. She puts a lot of effort into her online courses. They are well researched; academically sound with a twist of business practicality and humour.


Further details about this course:

Bridging the divide - strategic consulting using market research

In the first session, we will consider what consultants and advisers offer beyond the data, that researchers don’t. that escape from the normal remit of market researchers. By examining this gap, indeed this “divide”, we will consider the tools offered by both professions and gain an appreciation of why market researchers can operate at higher strategic levels themselves if they so choose. Tools, models and frameworks will be provided that market researchers can draw on for strategic consulting and how we can do this with greater confidence than management consultants, given we typically have a stronger data base to draw from.

In the second session, we will build our confidence in initiating strategic discussions with clients (whether they be internal or external). By identifying areas of strategic opportunity (rather than just describing data), we can then demonstrate higher value thinking by mapping strategic pathways for an organisation to move forward. This will be achieved by working through real, but disguised examples and case studies supported by an evidence base. We will build our capacity to draw meaningful strategic insight from each of these scenarios and then converse in a manner that immediately establishes our credibility as a strategic advisor.

In the third session, we will consolidate our strategic skills by workshopping some exercises together and building from one another’s strategic thinking using the evidence base presented for each scenario. This will involve higher order thinking and strategic critical review from the principles imparted in the first two sessions. The real underlying issue that lead to the research will be identified and addressed. By so doing, we will cover the impact that research data has not only on strategy, but on business models, processes and the objectives for an organisation – this includes whether it be commercial, not-for-profit or government.

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