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Masterclass 2018 - Visual Images as a qualitative research tool - Online Course

12th Sep 18


This Masterclass, over 2 sessions, will examine the use of visual images as a tool for the qualitative researcher. Visual images can be used for explaining behaviour and for assisting the communication of output from a qualitative research project.

You will be shown new ways of decoding visual communications. You will identify numerous items to look out for in visual images and how to determine their meaning for tapping into underlying need states. You will learn how to use visual tools to explore and discuss big ideas.


This Masterclass will:

  1. Enable you to extract meaning and insight from images produced by consumers, including mood boards and the visual output of focus groups.
  2. Help you use images to determine how consumers make choices and appear to have free will – but it may be limited and illusory.
  3. Use images to better understand what consumers say, for example how consumer choices that once signified prosperity and comfort may later signify conformity and repetition.
  4. Show how images can demonstrate how Just about anything can become exciting to consumers when it is either much larger or much smaller than they thought it was going to be.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this online Masterclass, participants will have a set of practical tools to utilise images in a way that gives greater depth of insight and richness in the qualitative data collection, analysis and reporting. In so doing, you will be able to unlock meaning that was previously less accessible.

Who is the course intended for?

All market and social research professionals interested in further developing their skills in qualitative research; ethnographers and other researchers who visit consumers in their homes; brand strategists and innovators.

Speaker: Dr Rachel Lawes

Rachel is the founder of Lawes Consulting (2002), a business which serves brand owners around the world and in every consumer-facing sector. Notable clients include Mondelez, Procter & Gamble, JCDecaux and Lilly.

Rachel uses visual images for branding (creating new brands from scratch, repositioning failing brands), innovating new products and services; also for predicting future social trends.

Event information:

Session 1 - Using visual images as data

Session 1 teaches participants how to extract value from visual images that represent consumers or the world they live in. These images might include family portraits, holiday photos, selfies, mood boards and the visual output of focus groups, popular commercial visual forms such as TV ads, film and video games, and realist art that depicts everyday life.

Treating still visual images as complete semiotic signs in their own right and not just collections of disconnected components, we will identify numerous items to look out for in visual images and determine their meaning. Examples: use of colours, including bright and subdued colour palettes; tropes in self-portraits, including travel photos; the psychological dynamics of inspirational and motivating images; the banal and the exotic; precious objects and rubbish; reality and fantasy.

Session 2 - Using visual images as explanatory resource

Session 2 teaches participants how to cultivate and develop inspired, far-reaching ideas about consumer society by opening up a box of professional insights that is rarely made available to market researchers. Artists, especially conceptual artists, don’t just make ‘pictures of’ things – they use visual media as tools to explore and discuss big ideas. This session will teach participants how to engage with and benefit from their research and apply the most progressive, cutting-edge visual thinking to brands.

Participants are encouraged to have creative materials at hand during the session so that they can begin their own project of advanced semiotic inquiry. An exciting menu of research prompts will be supplied and explored, during which we will learn what some of the most inspiring professionals of our time have to say, using visual images as the tool of choice, about shopping and consumer decision-making; aspirational consumption and conformity; how to make messages appear authentic or truthful; how to make objects engaging and exciting for consumers.

Event Format: 2 x Sessions - Online Course

Wednesday 12th September 2018
Wednesday 19th September 2018
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