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31st May 19

The AMSRS Winter School series in 2019 will offer a broad range of core courses for market and social researchers.
These courses are face to face.

The courses cover key aspects of our profession – spanning both qualitative and quantitative research, and with a focus on subjects and content that are directly applicable. The face to face courses throughout the year will deliver valuable new knowledge and skills so that delegates can keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace.

Each course will be a half or full day with a focus on delivering practical skills with a short-burst duration. Courses will be delivered face-to-face in one central location to maximise the quality of learning and to facilitate interaction between class members. This concentrated learning experience will deliver maximum knowledge in the minimum time in recognition of the time demands on today’s research professional.

To encourage members located outside NSW to participate, discounts are offered to help offset the cost of interstate travel.

  • Both qualitative and quantitative topics covered.
  • You can mix and match to meet your learning needs.
  • You can choose a topic from each half day’s offerings to meet your individual requirements.
  • Attend 1 or more sessions.


* 1 X 1/2 DAY COURSE: $440
(register through website)

* 2 X 1/2 DAY COURSE: $550
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(email to get discount)


Segmentation identifies different groups in a market in order to target specific products and services for each group or segment.

This workshop will examine a number of different approaches to segmentation so that participants will be able to select and adapt the right approach to each research problem. These approaches include:

A-priori segmentation - A Priori (pre-existing) segments are the most basic way of creating market segments. In A-priori segmentation, the market is split according to pre-existing demographic criteria such as age, sex or social economic status.

Usage segmentation – in a usage segmentation, customers are either split according to their weight of use, or usage can be considered in terms of time and place.

Psychographic segmentation - Groups can be targeted by what they think and how they feel, rather than just who they are. This is valuable in determining branding strategies.

Needs based segmentation - Needs-based segmentation are based on either stated or implied needs based on motivations or behaviours. Needs based segments are typically actionable as you know what drivers and performance the product or service has to satisfy.

This workshop will help determine the most appropriate segmentation technique to use for each type of research problem, with guidelines on how the segmentation can be executed.

Presenter: Luke Starick

At Nielsen, Luke is a Director in the consumer insights team in Australia. He is responsible for customer experience and data science in the consumer insights team, and also works with clients on projects covering brand health and shopper research. Previously Luke was the regional head of Statistical Consulting & Analysis, responsible for statistical analysis on research data to provide succinct insights, sample design, and training on market research statistics. In 2004 Luke received the Nielsen Customised Client Service Executive of the Year award.

Luke has worked at Nielsen since 2003. Prior to this, he worked at DBM Consultants and at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Luke has an Honours Degree in Statistics from the University of Adelaide. Luke has experience in many research applications, including customer satisfaction, segmentation, advertising, brand tracking, and pricing. His experience covers many industries, notably packaged consumer goods, financial services and automotive.

Feedback received from Luke’s most recent segmentation course for AMSRS included:

  • Really interesting content and useful examples
  • Good summary of key segmentation issues
  • Interesting insight into segmentation
  • Illuminating anecdotes
  • Good overview, thoroughly answering all questions
  • Good coverage of different aspects of segmentation

Event Format: half day workshop

Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

You can also choose to register for additional courses at other times on this day.


Start Time:
8:30 AM

Rydges World Square - 389 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

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AU $ 750 (Inc. GST)

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440.00 (Inc. GST)

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Registrations Open:
24th Feb 19 12:00 AM


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