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2017 Conference - Workshop 3 with Tom Loncar IMMUNITY TO CHANGE

6th Sep 17

WORKSHOP 3: Immunity to Change

We all know that change is hard. At an organisational level McKinsey estimates that “70 percent of change programs fail to achieve their goals”. More narrowly, and at an individual level, maintaining a New Year’s resolution can prove to be beyond us… before we even reach the Australia Day holiday! Professionally, our well-intended action on developmental goals or 360 feedback can experience even narrower windows of traction before we revert to familiar behaviours.

Changing ourselves and our organisations is not easy… the countervailing force of the status quo is clearly very powerful. The Immunity To Change (ITC) framework offers hope through digging deeper – and differently – into what we can do about change, and is based on 25 years of work by Harvard’s Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. It has helped thousands of individuals, work teams and organisations identify the real source of what has been preventing change, guiding them on new paths to overcoming the less visible ‘immunities’ to change and accomplishing what they really want to do. Emotional Intelligence thought leader Daniel Goleman recommends the ITC approach to “any leader seriously interested in developing new strengths in others – and in oneself”.


Tom Loncar is an executive coach and contributing writer on leadership for the Australian Financial Review. He has trained as an ITC facilitator under its co-founder Dr Lisa Lahey. He is well-known within the market research industry as a former co-owner of Eureka Strategic Research. His consulting, coaching and organisational development experience has provided him with deep insights into many challenging change contexts – from broader system perspectives to individual-level targeted executive development. He helps his clients recognise that successful attention to change goals is often an adaptive rather than linear (or purely ‘technical’) challenge.

Recent articles by Tom in this area include:

Tom holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. His coaching and leadership development accreditations/memberships include the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (Level 3 Certified Organisational Coach), the International Coach Federation, the Career Development Association of Australia and The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP).


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