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  • : Online Course: Market Research – An introduction

  • : Online Course: Questionnaire Design

  • 23rd Mar 20: NSW: Fundamentals of Quantitative Research 2020

  • 24th Mar 20: NSW: Fundamentals of Qualitative Research 2020

    Who Intended for:

    This course will benefit people who have limited or no experience in conducting qualitative research.

    Course Overview:

    This course provides an overview of qualitative research. Specifically, on successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    Learning Objectives

    • Recognise when conducting qualitative research is appropriate

    • Understand the logistics involved in running a qualitative project

    • Describe the differences between the main types of qualitative data collection: namely focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation, online qual etc

    • Understand the role of the moderator/ interviewer and how to create the right environment for respondents

    • Learn different approaches to eliciting unbiased responses

    • Learn different tools for handling challenging situations during interviews

    • Understand why getting below the surface of respondent behaviour is important

    • Understand the process of analysis and report writing for qualitative research.