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  • 26th Feb 20: Masterclass 2020 - Insight Sense Making

  • 17th Mar 20: Masterclass 2020 - Demystifying UX and CX

    Demystifying UX and CX for Market Researchers


    This course covers the core principles underpinning CX and UX research. It will provide methodologies, tools and examples for progressing your skills in both UX and CX research.

    Session 1

    Intro to UX: core principles; role of research / user empathy

    UX research methods: overview of different techniques

    UX research tools: examples and how to apply these tools

    Session 2

    Intro to CX: background, evolution, how organised

    CX data sources and research methods

    CX platforms and tools: examples and how to apply these tools

    Learning outcomes

    By the end of this online Masterclass, you should be able to:

    1. Demonstrate greater expertise in the application of UX and CX tools
    2. Discern which UX and CX tools to use when faced with complex challenges
    3. Provide your clients with broader consulting advice in relation to their UX and CX metrics

    Mike Stevens

    Mike is a leading advisor, writer and speaker on the intersection of technology and research.
    He has over 20 years’ research experience with research, software and consulting firms including Vision Critical, where he led the EMEA region, and Kantar, where he managed regional business units and global accounts.

  • 18th Jun 20: Masterclass 2020 - Management Consulting