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We are at a time when we can take the best of the past, and combine that with the human skills we bring in understanding people, and look to the future by making the most of new technologies and data sources that are more available today than ever before.

Insights in Australia and globally now exists in a new competitive context, a new world of data, with dynamics such as the growing convergence of qual and quant making us need to rethink who we are, what we do, and how we fit in.

How do we ensure we evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients?

How do we ensure we move further up (rather than down) the value chain?

What are the challenges in doing so, and the capabilities we need?

If we seize this opportunity to consider these questions, we can thrive. If we ignore these dynamics, we may slowly decline as an industry. Now is the time for a future focus, by thinking and talking about our collective challenges and opportunities, from both a client and agency perspective.

In 2020 our conference is about looking forward to 2030 to consider how we want and need to show up as an industry. How are we going to ensure we are the indispensable custodians of the consumer truth?

This year, we are not outlining specific topic areas in our call for papers. Instead, we are leaving it to you to submit your ideas. We want to hear from anyone who has something to say in any of the following areas, with a view to either presenting at the conference or sharing perspectives in panel discussion forums.

To make it easy, at this stage all we need from you is 200 to 300 words outlining your idea, and your view, or an overview of what you’d like to talk about.

You will need to email us your idea to
by January 20th 2020.


We would also love to hear about any keynote speakers, session topics or general ideas that will steer the committee. Any ideas can also be sent


We want to hear from:

People trying new things in research to get closer to the consumer experience or ‘consumer truth’

People leveraging new technology to get more out of data, and to draw in and use other forms of data rather than just panel data

Clients who are navigating the journey in moving from ‘old world’ reliance on panel data to ‘new world’ leveraging of new data sources and technologies.

What are the challenges you face?
What are the opportunities?
What’s working and what’s not?
What do you need from your agency partners?
Is your appetite for risk taking growing or shrinking?

Anyone who has anything to say about the squeeze pressure our industry is under from management consultancies on the one hand, and self-serve on the other

People who have something to say about how to get more out of panel data

People who have worked out how to leverage the speed and power of digital without losing the richness of people

Anyone with ideas on how to get ‘real’ answers from increasingly distracted participants

People who can share brave stories where they have realised that the way they have long done things may not be the best, because they’ve discovered new ways that get them closer to the truth

People with perspectives on what the new world means for data security and privacy, and our ethical obligations

People who have examples of work they are doing which is truly ‘new world’, or an attempt to combine more traditional methods with new ones

Even if one of the points above doesn’t quite fit but you have a point of view you would like to share then we’d love to hear from you.

You will need to email us your 200 to 300 words outlining your idea, and your view, or an overview of what you’d like to talk about to by January 20th 2020.


For any ideas or queries please email Leslea at