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Invitation from Nicholas Gruen

Nick Gruen Thinktank


Join a thinktank with Conference Keynote Nicholas Gruen

From Nick Gruen:

After my presentation I was taken by how many people approached me interested in what I’d said and keen to explore for ways to dive deeper in analysis and contribute somehow to improving our democracy. 

In discussion with some others, I hatched the idea of a loose group of members of AMSRS (and any others wishing to participate) who might explore ideas for democratic renewal more closely and the avenues by which one might find ways for those in the social research community and beyond to contribute. 

I’m in Sydney from time to time – so would be happy to catch up with others if there was sufficient interest. Leslea has offered to collect names for such a group so that they’re known to each other with a view to holding further discussions. 

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