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Industrial Award Information

The Market Research Industry Agreement 2013 -2016

The Market Research Industry Award was created in 1990 by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission after extensive negotiations between (then) AMRO and the National Union of Workers (NUW). A new modernised version of this Award came into effect on 1 January 2010.

This new Modern Award covers virtually all market and social research undertaken in Australia. AMSRO has been instrumental in preserving a Market and Social Research Industry Award as a separate Award and has avoided market and social research being brought within a general private sector clerical modern award - which would have increased costs across the industry. The Award and consecutive Industry Agreements (that sit above the Award) have given the industry stable and flexible workplace relations.

The current Industry Agreement was reached between AMSRO and the NUW in late 2013 and runs until 2016. It sets minimum rates of pay and conditions for all market research and social research employees employed by AMSRO members.

for a copy of the 2013-2016 NUW and AMSRO Market and Social Research Industry Agreement

AMSRO Membership

Our industry benefits greatly from stable industrial relations. AMSRO devotes a considerable amount of income each year to this area. We ask companies to play an active role through AMSRO membership to ensure that sufficient funds continue to be available for this critical function. Please contact the AMSRO Secretariat ( for an application form and details of membership.