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Enhance Your Career

No matter what career stage you find yourself in now, career management is an important life skill to develop and cultivate. Reach your full potential by creating a plan of professional development activities, growing your professional network and demonstrating your achievements to your industry peers.

The AMSRS prides itself on providing multiple avenues for you to continue your professional development, network with peers and thought leaders to ensure you remain relevant in the current business climate. From formal training to networking events, we cover a myriad of research topics across different skill levels.

Our events and training are peer driven through think tanks of practising researchers ensuring the topics and learning are specifically tailored to our research industry and also include topics that are relevant to our clients and collaborating industries such as marketing, advertising, brand positioning and consumer insights. Read more about AMSRS PDP Program.

QPR shows that you are a professional market and social researcher recognised by your peers for your extensive experience and formal qualifications. It also means that you have made a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain your competitive advantage. Read more about the benefits of QPR accreditation and how it can assist your career development here.

The AMSRS encourages the formalisation of special interest groups and networks, and contributes to the establishment of new groups and networks in line with the development of the industry. The AMSRS recognises two types of special interest groups: Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Special Interest Networks (SINs). Currently, AMSRS supports the following SIGs and SINs: Independent Researchers Group (IRG), Qualitative Recruiters Group (QRG), Clients Networking Group (CNG), Government & Social Research Network (GSRN), Young Researchers Network (YRN), Online Services Network (OSN). Read more about all of our special interest groups and networks here.

The market and social research industry Research Effectiveness Awards recognise excellence in research that makes a difference to business and social policy planning performance. They provide a platform from which to demonstrate the importance of research as an integral part of successful business and social policy planning. The Research Effectiveness Awards are an initiative of the Research Industry Council of Australia (RICA). This commitment by the peak industry body reflects their focus on promotion of the value of market and social research. Read more about the Awards.