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Research News Live Newsletter: May 24th 2018

28th May 18


Diagnosing challenges facing Market Research

If I were to attempt to make an alarmist case that the future of our industry was in jeopardy, I would expect an audience of veteran market research professionals to object. We’ve heard apocalyptic claims seemingly forever, yet as an industry we’re still alive, kicking, and growing! READ MORE

Introducing the NEW QPMR name and branding

The AMSRS Board has approved a change to the name and branding of the QPMR accreditation program. Going forward all accredited practitioners will now be known as Qualified Professional Market Researchers. READ MORE

GDPR: What you need to do - Australian businesses and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The GDPR applies from May 25 2018. In these two articles, first published at the end of last year on GRBN, Debrah Harding, CEO at MRS, explains what you need to be doing to be ready for this significant event. The OIAC has published a document to help Australian Businesses with understanding the GDPR. READ MORE

Three steps to GDPR success

Over the past decade we have watched marketing become ever more sophisticated and targeted. From market research, audience mapping, location-based advertising and 1:1 engagement, the path to purchase for brands has been entirely focused on learning (and acting on) deep customer and behavioral data. Knowledge was power and data reigned supreme. READ MORE