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Research News Live Newsletter: 27 September 2018

28th Sep 18

Technology won’t render us obsolete (but watch out for irrelevance)

While we can all speculate about the impact that blockchain, VR, and AI will have on market research, there’s one thing I’m certain of: the future of this industry will depend on more than just how well we use new technologies. Our fate will also rest on our ability to make ourselves relevant; to be seen as indispensable players when it comes to setting strategy and making critical business decisionsREAD MORE

Concern with Personal Data Misuse Remains Extremely High

The latest findings from the 2018 GRBN Trust Survey show that across the globe people remain very concerned about the safety of their personal data. On average across the eight countries surveyed, 83% of people surveyed say they are very or fairly concerned that their personal data might be misused, with as many as four-in-ten saying they are very concerned about this. READ MORE


AMSRS Professional Standards: Updates to Guidelines and Factsheets

The AMSRS provides additional support for our members through the development of our AMSRS Guidelines and Factsheets. These documents are reviewed yearly to ensure we are providing you with the most current information within the market and social research industryREAD MORE

Confirmit Announces Inaugural AIR Award Winners

Confirmit announced the winners of the 2018 AIR (Achievement in Insight and Research) Awards. Confirmit CEO Ken Ostreng said the company inaugurated the AIR Awards this year to recognize Confirmit customers who are driving forward the Market Research industry by innovating and delivering insights that enhance business performance. READ MORE