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Research News Live Newsletter: 19 October 2018

19th Oct 18

Trust Report Card for the MR Industry – We Must Try Harder

That we must try harder is the key take-away from the GRBN 2018 Trust Survey. On average across the eight countries we looked at, only one-in-four of the people we surveyed said that they trust market research companies. This is simply not good enough if we expect people to willingly participate in research. READ MORE

GRBN to Issue the GRBN Global Top 25 Report

We are excited to inform you that GRBN is partnering with Diane Bowers to produce this year’s Global Top 25 Report. The report is currently under production and will be issued mid-November. As the AMA will no longer be publishing the annual Global Top 25 Report, this development has opened up the opportunity for the Global Top 25 Report to be published and distributed around the world by GRBN. READ MORE

GRBN Leadership Meets in Berlin – Course Set for 2019

The GRBN Executive Management Board (EMB) met in Berlin in September. The EMB confirmed that the GRBN mission remains unchanged: GRBN’s mission is to promote and advance the business of research across the globe through developing and supporting national research associations and implementing global industry-wide initiatives. READ MORE