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5th Jun 17



Welcome to GRBN News


In this issue, we look at artificial intelligence, as well as the importance of quality and give you the opportunity to tick Mongolia off your bucket list. We continue to focus on Participant Engagement and improving the research participant user experience.

GBRN News is moving to a twice monthly publishing schedule, with the next issue coming out on the 19th June.   



PEI - Gathering Speed - More than 30 partners now on-board

We are happy to announce that 7 new partners have come on-board the Participant Engagement Initiative, and we are very excited to be kicking off research-on-research projects into the user experience with both online surveys and with qualitative research. In addition .... Read more


Featured Guests

AI’s Impact on Market Research: The Present

By Andrew Konya, Remesh


"For decades, researchers have developed advanced methods which allow us to analyze quantitative data (think survey) in sophisticated ways; from clustering & factor models to predictive Bayesian analysis.  Perhaps the largest impact AI is already having on market research is..." Read More




Featured Guests

‘In an age of big data, the message of quality over quantity remains incredibly relevant’

By Jane Frost, the Market Research Society

"Political conversations are increasingly framed not with reference to policy detail, verifiable evidence or a concern for credibility, but instead via an appeal to emotional frames of reference which aren’t necessarily based in hard fact. Truth, it seems, can officially be given a back seat..." Read More



Revving up to Revising ISO 20252

Over three days in April, research experts and standards experts representing many countries, standards industry bodies, and research associations participated in a Working Group session to update and re-shape the main ISO standard for market, opinion and social research, ISO 20252... Read more

Featured Event

APRC 2017 Conference in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Finding Growth Together

The Mongolian Marketing Research Association (MMRA) and the APRC welcome you to the 9th APRC Conference to be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on the 28-29th September. The APRC 2017 Conference brings together the experiences, cases, methodologies and techniques of marketers, branding agencies, market research companies and experts from not only the Asia Pacific region... Read more


Learn Something New

Information Security - Your Service Providers - INSIGHTS ASSOCIATION (CASRO) Webinar

You may run a tight ship, but how do you know