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16th May 17


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Andrew Cannon
Executive Director, GRBN 



Participant Engagement: From Data Points to People – NEXT Conference Panel Review

At the Insights Association's NEXT Conference in New York last week our distinguished panel of experts from Critical Mix, M3 Global Research, MarketVision, Netquest and Vision Critical shared provocative thoughts and concrete advice with a packed audience on what needs to be done to improve UX and increase participant engagement.... Read more


Featured Guests

Why Customer Experience Matters in Market Research

By Catherine Rogers, Vision Critical

Advances in technology are radically altering customer expectations, and decision makers at the highest levels are struggling to keep up, let alone make genuinely customer-led decisions. This phenomenon has created an extraordinary opportunity for researchers…  Read more




Featured Guests

Why Most Respondents Don't Like Participating In Research (And What We Can Do About It)

By Lenny Murphy, GreenBook 

"The newly released GRIT CPR (Consumer Participation in Research) study showed that the majority of the people who have willingly given up their time, often for little or no reward, are dissatisfied with the their experience participating in research..."  Download the report   



Participant Engagement Initiative - Research-on-Research 

The partners in the Participant Engagement Initiative used the opportunity of being in New York for the NEXT Conference to meet up and discuss the two upcoming research-on-research projects, and the workgroups are now in the process of finalizing the plans .... Read more


APRC / Asia Pacific

GRBN Goes China: Leveraging the Big Data Opportunity

Welcome to China! Welcome to the 2017 CMRA Biennial Conference and to visiting some leading companies in China. The conference will be held in Beijing at the end of October and GRBN is getting together a delegation to not only participate in the Conference... Read more

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EU Data Protection Reforms: Practical Compliance Steps - EFAMRO Webinar

This free EFAMRO Data Protection webinar providers research business leaders with practical steps to comply to the new EU Data Protection Regulation.

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