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GRBN News 17.06.23

22nd Jun 17


Welcome to GRBN News


In this edition we look at building trust and increasing participation in research. We hear from Richard Goosey, at Kantar Health, on the importance of segmentation in his sector.

We visit the UK for a review of the recent election polling and the US to learn how Insights Association is making life easier for participants in their Professional Researcher
Certification (PRC) program

Finally, if you haven't downloaded the latest GRIT report already, we highly recommend you to do so from the link below.



Increasing Participation and Data Quality Through Transparency

By Andrew Cannon, GRBN

"The recent GRIT Consumer Participation in Research report (GRIT CPR) states its main finding loud and clear: Only a quarter of all respondents globally are satisīŦed with their experience participating in research..."  Read more


Featured Guests

Market Segmentation in Healthcare Starts within an Organization

By Richard Goosey, Kantar Health

"Market segmentation in healthcare has become a critical component for successfully commercializing healthcare products. Kantar Health has found that segmentation starts within and needs to resonate with every stakeholder that touches the brand...Read More




Featured Event

IIeX NA Panel: GRIT Consumer Participation in Research

By Andrew Cannon, GRBN

" At the recent IIeX Conference in Atlanta, I had the honor of standing in for Lenny Murphy and leading a distinguished panel of industry experts on a journey to explore the findings from the Consumer Participation in Research report and their implications. A packed audience enjoyed a lively discussion...Read More



AMAI and SAMRA: The Latest Associations to Endorse the Building Public Trust Charter

AMAI (Mexico) and SAMRA (South Africa) are the fifth and sixth national associations to endorse the charter, demonstrating their strong commitment to building trust in our industry across the globe... Read more


ARIA / The Americas

Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) Program Debuts Easy Credit Tracking System

By Insights Association

"The Insights Association has launched a sophisticated new online system through which all participants in the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) program may easily manage their activity. The new system automatically tracks all aspects of an individual PRC’s account..." Read more


EFAMRO / Europe

And The Winner Is... The Exit Poll

By Jane Bainbridge, Research Live

"UK – A mixed night for the pollsters as the new methodologies introduced after the 2015 general election were put to the test. In the end everyone was divided. The pollsters were divided and the electorate was divided. Where previously the polling companies had been criticised for a herding mentality...Read more


Learn Something New

Project Management - Interviewing VIPs - INSIGHTS ASSOCIATION (CASRO) Webinar

Erin Leedy and Sherry Burles of Market Strategies International inform us about graphics best practices for better storytelling and clearer insights.